General availability of Jabatix Workbench

On Monday, 24 April 2017, the Jabatix Workbench will be generally released. The mission of the startup Jabatix is to provide a powerful software development environment; its components support enterprise solutions, which deal with large amounts of incoming data, must process information programmatically, and must provide fast reporting and drill-down for just-in-time decision support.

Jabatix is an all-you-need-toolset for business software developers. It encapsulates the core business flows that deal with data processing, from heterogeneous incoming data sources, to transformative processes, to information visualization (or input to further downstream processing). Jabatix leverages its open-source roots to provide a cost-effective solution for scalable business process challenges. Built on top of the Eclipse platform and using its Interactive Development Environment (IDE), the toolset has a short, flat learning curve and allows for iterative programming on the client side, before final deployment to the enterprise.

Jabatix functions have been used very successfully in Jabatix Finance, the engine behind FERNBACH FlexFinance, for some years. Large banking clients have used the finance-specific versions of these functions in their installations. They have now been extracted and abstracted, as well as further modularized, for application in any industry, where large data input and output streams and the need for fast, accurate reporting of deep analytics are mission-critical.

Jabatix is consistently object-oriented, with business objects as a central data management and manipulation tool and abstraction of core functions for data access, manipulation, transformation, and visualization. This object orientation envelops diverse data forms emerging from heterogeneous sources and supports custom programming of processing functions using the simple Jabatix scripting language, CANTOR.

Simple use

Figure 1 – Simple use of Jabatix Workbench

At every step of this process flow, additional options make software development with Jabatix very flexible and adaptable. The range of input sources and output destinations can be of any convertible format. Cantor scripts (Cantor is a domain-specific language implemented on top of Groovy) are used to insert functional processing logic, for purposes such as data cleansing, data mart aggregation, report generation. In addition, process flows can be assembled as sequences of steps; these process flows can then be run on the workbench, or deployed to the enterprise.

Jabatix can be used to simplify, accelerate, and automate a whole range of possible business functions. The workbench includes the Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) for powerful reporting.

Adopting Jabatix is a non-risk affaire, as the workbench can be installed for free, and without strings attached. You will find instructions on the Jabatix website at Jabatix Enterprise extends the functionality created in the Workbench and adds relevant management and monitoring services. All model projects developed on the Jabatix Workbench can be run on the server and fully automated. The costs of this Enterprise Environment can be computed from the price calculator available on the Jabatix website at

So go ahead, download the workbench for free, experiment with it to your heart’s content, and let us know what you think, how you might use it, and how we can be of further service to you.


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